Carolina Bug-Free BBQ

It all started on a warm Saturday afternoon when I was cleaning out the garage I encountered a HUGE black beetle in the garage and later I saw a spider.   Naturally, I thought hmmm.. this is not good a good thing since there are most likely more of its kind lurking nearby and I was right there were more beetles.  The bug spray from the local hardware store did not work I needed a more potent solution for what was bugging me.  The next day I received a flyer from a company with an odd name that I had never heard of called “Bulwark” so I called and explained my bug problem and made an appointment.

Bulwark came out and explained that they would spray a prevention barrier around my home that would make it very hard for beetles, spiders and other creepy crawling insects to penetrate.   They also sprayed inside my home.   A few days later I started noticing several dead beetles lying on their back near the driveway and near the front porch.  I did my famous “YES” shout!   I could clearly see evidence of  how well the Bulwark “secret solution” worked.  I say secret solution because I have no idea what the Bulwark formula consist of but I know IT Works to keep the BUGS AWAY!  The quarterly treatments are very reasonable for the satisfaction of knowing I have a pest-free home.

Carolina Pest ControlMosquitoes can also be a problem in the Carolinas especially if you live near a lake, creek and/or have a wooded lot with lots of trees.  Last summer the week before my backyard barbecue I needed help with mosquitoes and once again Bulwark to the rescue.  I received a one-time lawn and pest control treatment to eliminate mosquitoes from disturbing the party!  We had the famous OFF mosquito repellent on hand as a backup plan just in case but it turned out we didn’t need to use it.  We noticed    how pleasant it was to relax and dine outside without fanning OFF mosquitoes.  

I like the service I received because there has been several times I called before my scheduled treatment and they responded quick to put me at ease..   And the treatments I receved have proven to be highly effective solutions that has helped to gain control of my pesty situation.  It’s good to know that Bulwark is just a phone call away.  Add your comments regarding how you solve d your tenacious bug problem?  What’s bugging YOU?